Una Terra to launch €200m Series A+ Venture Capital Fund in Zurich

Marrying technology and sustainability, the fund will be dedicated to accelerating the adoption of sustainable technologies for European start-ups

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND: Una Terra, a new venture capital fund marrying technology and sustainability, was launched in Zurich on May 4th, 2022. The €200 million Series A+ fund is focused on empowering European ESG start-ups to accelerate growth and broaden global impact, through harnessing the power of sustainable innovation. Headquartered in Zurich, Una Terra is domiciled in Luxembourg, and has additional management offices in the UK (London), the Netherlands (The Hague), and Sweden (Stockholm).

Una Terra is well on its way to achieving its first closing at €50 million in June

Established by Luca A. Zerbini, Chiara Covone, Costas Papikonomou and Marcela Navarro, Una Terra is well on its way to achieving its first closing at €50 million in June, and has already invested in five scale-ups, with the potential to transform entire industries. Among these are two impact Swiss-based enterprises, Beauty Disrupted and PIO, and three UK-based businesses, iClima, Tumelo and GreyParrot. The fund is also keen on diversity and inclusion, with the team representing dozens of different nationalities, as well as having at least 50% female partners and female portfolio companies’ CEOs.

The founders are intent on creating the next generation of industry-leading ESG businesses, dedicated to fostering solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss. Indeed, Una Terra is targeting the removal of 2 Gtons of CO2 emissions and 1 Mtons of plastic waste per year from the environment by 2030 (ca. 5% of total), by leveraging the experience of its partners.

Entirely dedicated to the ESG agenda, the fund is already Art 9 compliant, B Corp pending and investing 1% profit for the planet. The founders are passionate about sustainability, and their goal is climate change mitigation and biodiversity restoration through the development and deployment of sustainable technologies. Focusing on strategic, talent and operational support for the companies it invests in, Una Terra is also an open-ended evergreen fund, and so will not stop investing in companies or be closed to investors. Its ultimate goal is to raise €1 billion by 2025, becoming the de facto platform of choice for ESG investing in venture capital across all relevant sectors and EU geographies.

We are running out of time.

In November 2021, at the World Leaders Summit in Glasgow, more than 40 leaders signed the Breakthrough Agenda, committing to work together to make clean technologies and sustainable solutions the most affordable, accessible and attractive option in each emitting sector globally, before 2030. In addition, according to the European Sustainable Development Report 2021, legislative and policy tools are either in place, or in preparation, across Europe, to address sustainable development goal (SDG) challenges.

While the intentions are good, there is still a lack of clarity on how the SDGs will be achieved.

In an effort to make a real difference in curbing climate change, Una Terra is taking matters into its own hands by funding companies that spearhead innovation and advancement in sustainability. The fund is focused on creating ecosystems for companies to flourish and have a positive impact on the world.Speaking ahead of Wednesday’s launch, Founding Partner and CEO, Luca A. Zerbini, said the Zurich launch represents a major milestone for the business:

Zurich is a hugely important base for our fund and is a key location for us, in the centre of the Swiss and European innovation ecosystem. I am extremely proud and excited about the launch of Una Terra Venture Capital Fund. Not only does it bring together a diverse founding partner team of very accomplished professionals and friends, but also allows us to bring to fruition our proven commercial, financial and operational capabilities to accelerate the profitable growth of ESG scale-ups and transform entire industries that have an impact on climate change mitigation and biodiversity restoration. For a couple of years, we prepared for this moment – listening to the advice of LPs and investors, creating the best possible Luxembourg-based fund, investing in various start-ups, assembling the best possible team, creating strong connections with impressive founders across Europe. Una Terra will be the platform to invest in sustainable innovation, and truly have an impact for our only planet and our children”.

Investing in sustainable technologies

Una Terra Venture Capital is a €200mio fund backing European ESG start-ups and scale-ups to make real world change through sustainable technology and innovation. The fund focuses on accelerating the adoption of proven technologies and creating ecosystems for companies to flourish and have a positive impact in the world. Una Terra’s penultimate goal is to mitigate climate change and support biodiversity restoration as the climate change accelerates at a rapid pace.

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