We are pleased to announce the investment in iClima Earth Ltd as lead investor of their Series A

This collaboration signs an important milestone for iClima's growth ambition of their ETF business - based on fundamental research rather than aggregate rankings and ratings - in North America and Asia.

We love the impressive industry leadership of Gabriela Herculano and Shaila Khan Leekha, which has already achieved solid direct distribution in all the key markets in Europe and Australia, but also leveraged their in depth knowledge to provide their indexes and their research to other key players in the asset management industry.

iClima indices target the companies that can decarbonise the planet.

We also applaud their distinctive strategy to create different and complementary products to accelerate investment in Climate Change mitigation (SDG7) across all relevant technologies in public markets, and influence the entire industry to avoid greenwashing and truly understand the underlying assets and technologies driving energy transition in many sectors and geographies.

We could not be happier of supporting an all-female global team, which aligns to our Diversity and Inclusion agenda too.

Finally, at Una Terra Venture Capital Fund we will also take this opportunity to adopt their methodology and complement our own approach to track ESG metrics across our portfolio and quantify sustainability impact together with superior financials results at company and fund level.

Many thanks iClima Earth Ltd for your confidence and look forward to the journey ahead!


iClima creates paradigm shifting equity indices to fight climate change.

Their product focuses on empowering financial institutions to maximise the climate impact of their capital, while gaining exposure to a burgeoning sector of the global economy.

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