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Reducing 2Gt of CO2e emissions in the Atmosphere and 1Mt of plastics in the Ocean by 2030

Although 1 trillion € is spent every year on sustainability, innovation is not being prioritised, with too much funding being directed towards existing technologies and infrastructure. It seeks to redress this by funding companies that spearhead innovation and advancement in sustainability in an effort to curb climate change.With climate change mitigation and biodiversity recovery in a race against time, we at Una Terra believe that the next 10 years are critical for humanity.

Radical acceleration in the adoption and scaling of sustainable technologies is required to achieve the global targets. Using our combined and extensive experience, the Una Terra Venture Capital Team works closely with start-ups, giving them hands-on support to actively help them scale-up and become part of a sustainable ecosystem.

Our key leading indicator for superior return is climate performance

Una Terra features a Venture Studio that makes sustainability happen, quickly and at scale. The business uses its unique methodology to help companies adopt the very best in technology with controlled financial risk.

This, in turn, helps others do the same, so that entire industries become more resilient and resource efficient, rather than just individual companies. This fundamentally changes the way things are made, sold and consumed, reducing environmental impact where it is needed most and creating better outcomes for people and the planet.

Using our own unique model to scout companies in which to invest, Una Terra helps to develop and deploy technologies whilst controlling the financial risk of adopting sustainable innovation.

This is achieved through marrying commercial interests and investors’ expectations with planetary needs, so that enterprises with genuine commercial potential grow at speed and scale at a rapid pace. By working with innovators and investors, we can make sure all funds are well spent, minimising risk and maximising impact for people, profit and the planet.

Una Terra is a relatively new VC firm run by world class business advisors who are passionate about sustainability. Originally conceived and organised throughout 2021, it was officially formed in early 2022.

The company is the brainchild of our CEO and Co-Founder, Luca A. Zerbini, who felt that there was not enough being done to support new and innovative ventures in the sustainability and green tech field.

The other founders are Chiara Covone (Chief Operating Officer), Costas Papikonomou (Chief Investment Officer) and Marcela Navarro (Chief Impact Officer).

The Fund is set to raise €50 million by June 2022 to invest in companies, mainly in Europe, with a target of €200 million by the end of 2022. The ultimate aim is to raise €1 billion by 2025 with dozens of investors and companies, expanding outside of Europe.

Investing in sustainable technologies

Una Terra does not merely provide the funds to ESG founders but also works with the individual businesses, providing advice and support to ensure they are propelled to success, while also staying on track and meeting their goals.

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