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Una Terra: Financing the Future of Our Planet | The Sustainability Journey Podcast S1 E109 with Luca Zerbini

In this episode The Sustainability Journey met Luca Zerbini, Founder and CEO of the B Corp certified UNA TERRA. It  is the first early-growth impact fund (SFDR Art. 9) and ecosystem with an exclusive focus on the global Circular Economy Transition. Zerbini, being an expert in the sustainability field, shares a unique journey from being a fervent nature lover to initiating transformational and innovative ventures to combat the pressing global sustainability challenges.

Luca shares some impact stories like  Palpex, a paper bottle-producing company offering a sustainable alternative to plastic. Another one is Grey Parrot's AI-enhanced recycling processes that drastically increase sorting precision. Luca also discusses his new book, "Standing Up for the Planet," which honors influential women in sustainability and emphasizes their crucial role in the movement. Listen to the full discussion here