Una Terra launches its first book: Standing up for the Planet

Una Terra VC Fund launches its first book, Standing up for the Planet, featuring 45 stories of extraordinary women engaged in sustainability

‘Standing up for the Planet' includes 45 Stories of Extraordinary Women Who Are Changing the World , together with Riccardo Valentini, Nobel Peace Prize winner.

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, December 1, 2023 — Una Terra’s first book comes out today, with the title ‘Standing up for the Planet. 45 Stories of Extraordinary Women Who Are Changing The World.’ The book features global leaders across many industries, with the unique foreword of Riccardo Valentini, Professor of Forest Ecology, University of Tuscia (Italy) and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2007, jointly with the IPCC.

Among the power ladies sharing their stories are: Christine Harada, Former US Chief Sustainability Officer, during the Obama Administration; Marisa Drew, Chief Sustainability Officer at Standard Chartered; Roberta Bosurgi, CEO at Impact Europe (formerly EVPA); Mara Catherine Harvey, CEO at VP Bank Europe and Gender lens investing advocate; Leslie Johnston, CEO of the Laudes Foundation and Chair of Impact Europe – just to name a few.

The 2023 World Economic Forum report on Global Risks shows environmental issues as the top challenges to solve for the long-term wellbeing of people and the planet. Climate change, biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation affect our ability to survive and erode any hope for the future of humans, generating scenarios of biblical loss of lives due to environmental disasters, implosion of the biosphere and related mass migrations for the survivors.

The United Nations itself has given international governments clear indications of the need to change our course of action, with 2030 as the deadline for all of us to achieve significant progress before a potential collapse. Despite this, year after year we continue to witness the increased occurrence of natural disasters, while a leadership vacuum prevents the level of international collaboration necessary to revolutionize society, the economy and existing business models.

The fight for a better future needs radical collaboration, with the joint effort of governments, NGOs, investors, and corporates, but it also needs exponential technological innovation and new perspectives. Fortunately, there is hope. This book has carefully selected relevant stories of leaders who care, from small startups to large corporations, but above all examples of extraordinary women who have decided to dedicate their time and personal resources to try to save our world. Almost a miracle is needed, we cannot be naive. But this miracle is increasingly being made possible by female leaders from all generations, who have found the courage to act.

The recent report to the Club of Rome “Earth for All” (A Survival Guide for Humanity) highlights how environmental and social objectives are strongly intertwined and symbiotic. Supported by detailed peer-reviewed analytical and financial computer modelling, it shows that to achieve prosperity for all within planetary boundaries, five system-shifting turnarounds are required. Beyond the time-critical energy and food transitions that are the key targets of Una Terra and its Radical Collaboration ecosystem, we also need to address poverty, inequality and women empowerment, or our entire operating system will collapse instead of thriving.

“Standing Up For The Planet” makes this factual and tangible, showcasing real life examples of women, who made personal and pivotal changes in their lives, creating value for all stakeholders at the table, including the planet we live in. Their stories demonstrate that this is not a battle that we win once and for all, but rather a continuous progress, in which we will be evolving the way we leverage and utilize the resources around us. It reveals clearly that women are a central force to win this challenge.

No project has been able to tackle the sustainability dilemma with such grace, and very few with so many real-life and relevant examples of leadership and impact, from a remarkable group of women, who are changing the rules of the game in their own industries and fields for the long-term wellbeing of all.

About the book

The book, published by Egea–Bocconi University Press, is available in all formats on the Egea e-commerce store.

It is also available on all e-marketplaces in its E-book format starting today. The physical edition will be available globally at the beginning of 2024.

The book is designed as an easy and democratic read, understandable by anyone, and thought especially for business leaders and managers out there, who are struggling to find pragmatic ways to introduce a roadmap of transformational changes within their companies and organizations.

About the authors

Luca Zerbini is the CEO and Co-founder of Una Terra, a €200M Venture Capital Impact fund, focused on scaling-up European start-ups fostering solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss through circular economy solutions. Una Terra was selected by the World Economic Forum as “Innovative Fund for our Future”, Impact Assets 50, and is an official partner of the Foundation of the Prince of Monaco and EIT Climate-KIC (the largest environmental accelerator in the world, funded by the EU).

Francesco Pagano is a Senior Partner at Jakala, a contributor at Il Sole 24 Ore, an advisor and shareholder for other start-up companies, among which Tokenance and Una Terra. He writes about exponential technology and leadership.

About Una Terra VC Fund

Una Terra Venture Capital Impact Fund is a €200M+ Series A-C venture capital impact fund domiciled in Luxembourg and headquartered in Zurich, focused on accelerating European scale-ups that are fostering innovative solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss, and targeting the removal from the environment of 2 Gt of CO2e and 1 Mt of plastic waste by 2030, so far resulted in over 4X gross MOIC.

Una Terra received the “Innovative Fund for our Future Award” from the World Economic Forum (Uplink) and is an active member of UN Global Compact, UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), King Charles III Sustainable Market Initiative (SMI) and Terra Carta, World Economic Forum (WEF) and Klosters Forum (KF).

Una Terra is also a partner of the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation (EMF), One Earth and the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership (CISL), MassChallenge Switzerland, EIT-KIC, as well as ETH Junior Enterprise.

Una Terra is a Certified SFDR Art. 9 Fund according to European Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, Science-based Targets organization and a B-Corp (Pending) organization, as well as committed to 1% philanthropic investment for the Planet. Finally, Una Terra is part of the Swiss Venture Capital Association (SECA).

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