We Don't Have Time joins Una Terra “Radical Collaboration”

We Don't Have Time joins Una Terra “Radical Collaboration” ecosystem to Accelerate Climate and Biodiversity restoration

We Don't Have Time joins Una Terra “Radical Collaboration” ecosystem and forges Partnership to Accelerate Climate Mitigation and Biodiversity Restoration

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, December 19, 2023 — Una Terra Venture Capital Fund (Una Terra), a €200 million impact fund dedicated to scaling solutions for tackling climate change and biodiversity loss, and We Don’t Have Time, a global media platform focused on climate and environmental solutions, are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking strategic partnership.

In this Radical Collaboration, Una Terra is poised to offer invaluable strategic growth advice to We Don’t Have Time, drawing on its proven methodologies to scale the growth of We Don’t Have Time’s platform.

This collaborative effort underscores the commitment of both organizations to fortify We Don’t Have Time’s position as a global media leader in climate and environmental news and activity.

The Parties will work together to create a growth and profitability plan for We Don’t Have Time, in order to accelerate and scale the company. Based on the successful initial results of the strategy plan and the business development plan jointly formulated, Una Terra will provide an initial investment in Q1 2024.

Additionally, Una Terra, with its expansive network, will play a pivotal role in introducing We Don’t Have Time to potential partners across diverse sectors, fostering meaningful partnerships with corporates, broadcasters, producers, data distribution platforms, and sustainability players. This collaborative approach is set to open new horizons for We Don’t Have Time, amplifying its impact and reach.

Luca Zerbini and Ingmar Retzhog

Luca Zerbini and Ingmar Retzhog

As We Don’t Have Time sets its sights on new markets, particularly in Asia and South America, Una Terra pledges direct support to ensure a smooth and successful expansion through its CMO and Venture Partner The Shed 28, based in Singapore. This collaborative effort leverages Una Terras’s expertise and resources to guide We Don’t Have Time through the intricacies of market entry, facilitating a seamless transition into these regions.

Both Una Terra and We Don’t Have Time are dedicated to implementing a cross-amplification strategy, leveraging their established networks and media presence to strengthen each other’s communications and marketing activities. This synergistic approach is designed to expand the reach and impact of We Don’t Have Time and Una Terra. It includes collaboration at exclusive events during high-profile gatherings such as New York Climate Week, UN COP28, WEF Davos, and more. These collaborative efforts seek to foster a more profound influence on environmental awareness and action, as well as supporting the growth agenda of scale-ups that can truly transform industries in a sustainable way.

In turn, We Don’t Have Time will become an integral part of Una Terra’s Education vertical, contributing to the creation of online education modules and accelerating climate innovation. This collaborative effort involves engagement with scientists and activists from both organizations’ existing networks, enriching the educational content provided by Una Terra’s Education vertical.

Finally, We Don’t Have Time will provide significant visibility to the innovative solution identified by UT and by its partners such at EIT Climate-KIC, Foundation of the Prince of Monaco, UpLink (WEF) and Mass Challenge.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with We Don’t Have Time – it marks a pivotal moment for Una Terra. Currently, our focus is on assisting them in strategic growth and market expansion, fostering collaboration on our communication reach, providing further growth acceleration capabilities to our Portfolio companies. Simultaneously, we will explore investment avenues to amplify our impact and inspire global action against climate change and biodiversity loss,” stated Luca Zerbini, CEO, and Managing Director of Una Terra.

Ingmar Rentzhog, CEO, and Founder of We Don’t Have Time, added, “Our partnership with Una Terra marks a significant step forward in our mission to drive global change through socialising positive impactful climate solutions. We’re excited to collaborate with Una Terra and leverage our collective strengths to amplify and accelerate positive environmental action worldwide.”

This strategic partnership signifies a new era of radical collaboration, emphasizing the fusion of diverse expertise and resources between Una Terra and We Don’t Have Time as they catalyse global action and inspire transformative change with climate solutions, creating a global movement for the long-term wellbeing of people and planet.

About We Don't Have Time

WeDontHaveTime.org is the world’s largest social media for climate solutions. Through its community of 100,000 climate experts in 160 countries, and 350 companies and NGOs as partners, We Don’t Have Time reaches almost 200 million people each month on social media, among those many people in power. We Don’t Have Time is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and has offices in Washington, D.C. and Nairobi, Kenya.

About Una Terra VC Fund

Una Terra Una Terra was born out of a shared aspiration: to make the world a more sustainable place. Una Terra’s ambition is not only to invest capital but also to provide direct support, expertise, education, and leadership to companies aiming to transform entire industries through commercial technology and innovation.

They utilize asset-light models that can be scaled through marketing, commercial introductions, partnerships, new market entry, and accelerated go-to-market strategies.

Una Terra has received the “Innovative Fund for our Future Award” from the World Economic Forum (Uplink) and is recognized as an “Impact Assets IA50 Emerging Impact Manager.”

Una Terra is actively engaged with organizations such as the UN Global Compact, UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Capitals Coalition, King Charles III Sustainable Market Initiative (SMI), and Terra Carta, World Economic Forum (WEF), and Klosters Forum (KF).

Una Terra is a Certified SFDR Art. 9 Fund in accordance with the European Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), Science-Based Targets, and is B-Corp certified. They are committed to dedicating over 1% of their investments to philanthropic causes for the planet. Lastly, Una Terra is a member of the Swiss Venture Capital Association (SECA).

They are committed to dedicating over 1% of their investments to philanthropic causes for the planet. Lastly, Una Terra is a member of the Swiss Venture Capital Association (SECA).

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